Bandicut Video Cutter

Bandicut Video Cutter

Bandicut can cut a certain part of videos. Users can clip a part of video quickly while keeping the original video quality.

Bandicut is super-fast video cutting/splitting/joining software with an easy-to-use interface.

With Bandicut, everybody can easily select the cutting area and merge multiple videos.

It allows users to trim parts of video quickly while keeping the original video quality.

Users can also extract audio from video to MP3, join multiple video files, remove one or more parts from the video, or split the video into multiple files. 

You can also quickly split a large video file into smaller video clips or trim unwanted parts of video such as commercials, outtakes and trailers. 

There are lots of video cutter programs. However, if you want to cut, trim, crop, split your video files or merge multiple segments without decreasing the video quality, please try Bandicut!

The cutting/joining area can be selected per frame which allows the user to precisely choose the cutting/joining area. Other software cuts quickly only between "keyframes". However, Bandicut is able to cut quickly between "any frames" that the user selects.

Bandicut supports two cutting methods, [High-Speed mode] and [Encoding mode]. 

"High-speed mode" allows the user to cut a video precisely without re-encoding, as a result the quality is lossless and the cutting speed is faster than any other software.

Bandicut also supports hardware acceleration using Intel Quick Sync Video provided your CPU has this functionality. It will allow users to cut videos at high speed with excellent and lossless quality.

Bandicut Video Cutter


Bandicut Video Cutter

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